Kangaroo Meat products can be used to create a variety of interesting and tasty dishes.

Recommendations for cooking:

Simply brush the meat with oil prior to cooking and either pan fry, barbecue or roast.

Place in a hot pan and quickly turn to ensure both sides are seared, seal and turn only once to retain moisture.

Due to the absence of fat the meat can dry out quickly so when roasting make sure not to over cook the meat.

Rosedale Meats welcomes any enquiries regarding their featured meat cuts.

  Kangaroo Sirloin Pair   Kangaroo Rump
  Kangaroo Loin Fillet   Kangaroo Topside   Kangaroo Meat vacuum packed for freshness

Other Products available include:

  • Tails - Skin on
  • Backbone - Suitable for dog food and soup stock
  • Bulk Meat - Suitable for smallgoods, mince and dehydrated jerky
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